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What is a Navicode?   Who should get a Navicode?

A Navicode (also known as an International Keywords) is a type of Internet address. Using phrases or words you can find websites and other Internet resources quickly and easily.

Simply by entering the name of the company you are looking for, or even their product or slogan, you'll be taken directly to their website or the appropriate section.


Anyone with a website. A Navicode provides an easy to use and remember tool that can be used either as an alternative to a domain name or in conjunction with one

Because Navicodes are words or phrases they can be easily branded and work anywhere in the world, giving you global coverage.

How do I use a Navicode?   How do I register a Navicode?
Navicodes are very easy to use. Simply type one into your browser or other device and you will be taken directly to the appropriate website.

Navicodes work in a range of devices such as PDAs and even some mobile phones.

In addition to this a number of development companies are working to include Navicode functionality in other applications, from Search Engines and Server software to desktop applications.
  If you have a trademark or other name property that you legally have the right to, you will be able to register your NaviCode when Trademark Registration begins.

Open registration of Navicodes will begin a month later, at this point you will be able to register Navicodes, including generic words.

Navicodes can be registered directly from the central register or from a number of registries operated by other companies.

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